What child of Saturday morning's glory years doesn't remember them? Theirs were the voices of reason crammed between commercials for the latest must-have toy and tooth-rotting candy bar. If not for this indelible cast of characters and their life lessons we may have all ended up a bunch of obese, illiterate, jobless losers... and some of us did anyway... but it's not because these guys didn't try their very best to steer us down the right path, using every precious second of their time to deliver catchy, yet informative messages on how we could be healthier, smarter or just make the world a little bit better of a place. And whether you actually heeded their lessons or not, you can't deny that these characters sure knew how to make a lasting impression.

This site is a tribute to the valiant efforts of the public service messages and educational shorts from a bygone era of Saturday morning television -- as well as a venue to share their wisdom with new generations who have no clue just how big of a deal Saturday mornings used to be. Rescued from boxes of old videotapes, there are dozens of videos here waiting to be re-watched. It will take only a few moments of browsing this site to unlock memories of songs and scenes that have been tucked away somewhere in the back of your mind's attic for the past couple of decades. So kick back and enjoy your trip down Saturday Morning Memory Lane. Who knows, you might actually re-learn something!

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