You can tell right away by the style of these clips they came along in the latter half of the 1980s. You can also tell at this point that the network wasn't putting as much effort into the education side of things as they once had. I mean, sure these Fun Facts might benefit you in the occassional bar playground bet or radio contest ("...for two tickets to see the Marshall Tucker Band at the armory: How many eyes does a bee have?") but they don't help you better your life the same way the others before them did. They are, however, as the title factually states: Fun. Add the fact that forgotten (except in Branson, Missouri) 80s comedian and Cold War hero Yakov Smirnoff hosts each clip and you increase the fun quotent by at least two or three percent. In Soviet Russia Fun Fact watches you! Here's another Fun Fact: Buzzco, the same folks that produced 'Zack of All Trades,' and 'Computer Critters' were also responsible for these. They were inspired by those iconic mid-80s bumpers on MTV that Buzzco also created!

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