Here you will find some odds and ends -- one-shot PSAs or spots that I just didn't want to put the time or effort into giving them their own page.

1. 'The Littles say vote!' - Somewhat rare for an election spot to target those too young to vote. This ABC clip from the Modale vs Reagan year of 1984 encourages kids to encourage their parents to register to vote. What do the Littles care if my parents vote or not anyway? Are they even here legally? I guess even the most rodent-like of us can get swept up in election fever some years.

2. 'The Flintstone Kids say buckle up!' - From the late 80's, I'm pretty sure this spot ran exclusively on ABC Saturday mornings, but unlike all the network's other offerings there is no ABC copyright to found here. A catchy little ditty, sung to the tune of "Dry Bones," reminding us all to buckle our safety belts.

3. ABC Special Kids - Human interest spots showcasing kids who, um, do stuff that is special, thus making them Special Kids. See how that works?

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