My personal favorite and best-remembered series of all the PSAs you'll see here. This one must've played more during my favorite Saturday morning shows (Real Ghostbusters, anyone?), because my memories of it are so strong. If you don't recognize the voice of our hero, Zack, it's late legendary singer Luther Vandross. He's coming out of your radio to deliver some harsh reality: You can't slack around watching cartoons your whole life. One of these days you're going to have to get a job, so you may as well prepare now and get a good one. At least he delivers the bad news in the form of some catchy tunes. It's easier to take that way. Here's more production notes straight from one of the great minds who brought these clips to life, Candy Kugel of Buzzco: "We did them in 1984. Luthur Vandross was the voice and Eliot Lawrence, the composer. Lanny Meyers was the arranger and keyboard artist. We designed it in-house (Wayne Becker and me) and Vincent Bell and Vincent Cafarelli animated them." Kugel, by the way, was also involved in creating those iconic MTV station ID bumpers that have come to represent the decade in the same vein as The Gipper and Sonny Crockett's wardrobe! The Buzzco crew is also responsible for a couple of the other series featured on this site.

'Future Blob' - It's Zack versus the Future Blob. Loser gets turned into a sewing machine. This is hands down my favorite clip, and the one that planted the seeds for this site many years ago. Picture it, Saturday morning, 1994: I had already grown out of my Saturday cartoon viewing by this time, but one morning just happened to be channel surfing and was delighted to see this clip back (or still?) on the air. I loved it whenever this spot would pop up during my prime Saturday morning years, and I hadn't seen it in what felt at the time like eons, although in reality it couldn't have been too long. So I made it my mission to drag my teenage tail out of bed every following Saturday until I could capture the mean ol' Future Blob on videotape to preserve forever... or however long VHS tapes are going to hold up. Fast-forward another decade or so to adulthood, 2004. The nostalgic goodness of my Future Blob tape had increased 1,000-fold over the years and re-watching it has made me long to see more from the Saturday mornings of my youth. I began searching high and low for as many old tapes as I could find (even buying a Betamax VCR in the process!) and the rewards of my search are now here for all the world to share. Keep in mind all this I speak of was before the rise of YouTube. Now my videotape scavanger hunts from the mid-2000s seem so archaic considering so much old TV footage is online now. How quickly things change here in the future.

'Name Game' - A 'get a job' twist to the ol' 'Name Game' song. You know the tune, 'Chuck, Chuck, bo Buck, banana fanna...' Yeah, we'll stop there.

'Jack and Jill' - Luther, I mean Zack, and company provide another great tune here, advising these slackers to get off their butts and start thinking about their futures!

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