It's two, two, two series in one! (or maybe three as word on the street is there was a 'Hip Hector' segment as well. Still searching for the video evidence on that one.) The 'H.E.L.P.' series were created by the multi-talented Lynn Ahrens, whose contributions to the world of Saturday morning education are many. She's responsible for two more series here, as well as a few of the more memorable 'Schoolhouse Rock' tunes (Interjections, Interplanet Janet, etc.).

'Dr. Henry's Emergency Lessons for People' - Dr. Henry Heimlich (you might remember him from such life-saving manuevers as 'The Heimlich') contributed to this series teaching youngsters what to do when emergency strikes. I can't say I really remember seeing these in my youth. Thank goodness nobody ever spilled boiling hot cream of turkey gizzard soup on me. The two clips here cover burns and cuts. Lesson number 1: Never date a chick named 'Ima Clutz.'.

'High-Class Hudson's Earning Lessons for People'- Same acronym, but a very different lesson. In the one and only 'Hudson' clip i've got (were there more?) our hero flies in to give a young girl advice on how to score some extra cash by hitting the streets. Don't worry, it's all legal..

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