These Saturday morning newsbreaks for kids were a mainstay on CBS from the early 70s until 1986. They attempted to present special interest stories of the day in a way that would be appealing to children. I can't speak for all kids who saw them but: ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Not enough songs or animation for my young taste... that spinny globe intro thingy -- while neat and all -- just couldn't hold my attention when I knew there could be dancing fruit over on ABC or Murdoch from the A-Team telling me what to do if my house catches on fire on NBC. With all due respect, though, I never was a big CBS watcher on Saturday mornings anyway. Aside from an occassional "Muppet Babies" episode or two I just felt that CBS's offerings were inferior to the other two networks. And, my mom didn't like me watching "Pee Wee's Playhouse." She thought it was a little too weird. "Garfield and Friends" was good, though.

Anyhoo...for whatever CBS lacked on Saturday morning in my eyes they more than made up for with their primetime kids specials. The other networks combined couldn't hold a candle to the Eye network's holiday cartoon offerings. If you haven't noticed, I don't have too much to say about the "In the News" series itself, so I'm just filling up space -- and wasting your time in the process, sucker! Wait, I probably shouldn't insult the visitors. You're all great, seriously. I couldn't do it without you. Well, I guess I could, but what would be the point?

Most "In the News" segments were narrated by newsman Christopher Glenn, but Wikipedia tells me a Gary Shepard also hosted some of the clips. Whatever. It's time to relive some irrelevant 1980s news!

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