The Peacock's answer to CBS' "In the News" segments, only with a fraction of the lifespan. These clips feature hard-hitting (for the elementary school set, at least) questions about current events asked by the most disinterested children you will ever see. Really, if the kid asking the question has this little enthusiasm, why are we supposed to care? Don't think for a second that just because I didn't have a TV remote back then I wouldn't walk my little behind to the dial when this came on. The American hostages being held in Iran around this time looked more lively in the footage we saw of them than these poor children do. The only thing missing is a shot at the end of the kid holding up that day's newspaper. My question to "Ask NBC News" would be this: How'd you do it? Did you tell them they could meet the Smurfs, then when the cloroform wears off they're in a closet at Rockefeller Center being forced to read a question about acid rain from a cue card? Until one of the kids that appeared in these clips contacts me to tell me otherwise, I refuse to believe they were there by choice. In all seriousness, the most exciting part of these clips are the cereal commercials in the middle. Unfortunately, as much as we might think it's a good idea, kids just don't care about hard news. On a side note, keep your eyes open for a young, pre-tomb raiding Lara Croft!

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